How did you first find out about Kuehne + Nagel?
I learned about Kuehne + Nagel via an agency (Hanseaten bilden aus) that helps young people find a suitable company where they can undertake an apprenticeship.

What are you currently working on?
Presently I am working in the Export Far East China department. Here I am among other colleagues, responsible for producing the correct shipping documents.

Please describe your current position and what you have found out about Kuehne + Nagel whilst working here?
At the moment I am an apprentice for the freight forwarding and logistics services department. I have learned that Kuehne + Nagel offers extensive career opportunities. I have the opportunity to become an expert in various fields, become a leader of a team and work abroad etc... Of course I also have to show to my superiors that I am willing and able to do these things to merit such possiblities.

What attracted you to working at Kuehne + Nagel?

What I found really fascinating was the fact that Kuehne + Nagel operates internationally. You can find a Kuehne + Nagel office in nearly every country of the world. In addition, Kuehne + Nagel has a very good reputation as a company and especially for the apprenticeships it offers.

What have you decided to do about your current position after your apprenticeship?
I have not decided yet. On the one hand I am thinking about doing a Bachelor’s degree, and on the other hand I enjoy working here and can imagine continuing to work here in the operations field and be an expert for some years to come. However time is on my side so I still have time to choose.

What keeps you busy outside Kuehne + Nagel?
I like to meet friends and I have a passion for board games.