The expertise that comes from long experience in this area enables us to offer a full range of services, while giving you, our customers, complete confidence in your dealings with us.

Kuehne + Nagel offers the following after-sales logistics services:

  • Order Management – Our return material authorization services include those services that authorise a customer to return an item for specified reasons. This service include the handling of customer requests, the investigation of customer requests, the authorisation of a return, the issuing of a return authorisation number and the tracking of the returned material.
  • Warehouse / PUDO / Depot Management – Warehouse, pick up  / drop off (PUDO) and depot management services include stock management, local pick up, drop off and depots that handle forward-deployed customer inventory. PUDO and depot management services include the selection of service providers, their training and monitoring of their performance.
  • Screening / Repair / Refurbishment – Our screening services analyse the status of returned products to determine the next processing step (scrap or repair, for instance).  Kuehne + Nagel can provide refurbishment and repair services as well as the management of repair vendors where the work is to be carried out by external parties.
  • Transportation Management – Kuehne + Nagel offers all transportation services required to replenish national warehouses, depots, PUDOs and rendezvous points.
  • Customer Service Management covers all on-site support desk and customer response activities. These include on-site help desk services, customer care centre operations as well as field service support desk operations.

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