Kuehne + Nagel offers all in-house logistics services required 'inside the fence' of our customers’ storage and production facilities. These include receiving, inspection, re-packing, put-away, storage,  picking, kitting, value-added service activities and the shipping of goods / line feeding to our customers' manufacturing lines.

In more detail, our in-house logistics services cover:

Vendor Management Inventory

Kuehne + Nagel’s vendor-managed inventory services encourage efficient practices that result in lower inventory levels, less obsolescence, increased efficiency, flexibility, and predictability for vendors and end-customers.


We provide a wide range of warehousing services for various industries worldwide - either in a multi-user or customer dedicated environment. Our information systems are based on a worldwide standard that, together with our Information Broker integration application, facilitate the seamless transfer of information. Our warehouse and inventory management services ensure that all material entrusted to Kuehne + Nagel’s care is stored and managed in a safe, compliant, and professional manner.

Light Assembly

For component-based assembly requirements we offer light assembly and production operation services that transform part-processed goods into finished or semi-finished goods

Production Logistics

With our line-feeding and sequencing services we deliver items direct to our customers’ production lines in an order synchronised with our customers’ production schedules. These services include the building of spare parrts' delivery sequences, the delivery of parts in accordance  with the schedule, services to handle changes in production schedules, and miscellaneous associated activities, for instance empty load unit / totes handling / processing, and administrative functions.

Kuehne + Nagel Production System (KNPS)

KNPS is based on principles that include a focus on waste elimination in all aspects of the service delivery process, worker empowerment, management through visual controls, and a dedication to total quality control.

Kuehne + Nagel has added to these foundation principles the additional principles of consistency in global operations, uniform measurement across all operations, and respect for the environment to ensure that our customers always receive a uniformly high level of service.

Transportation / Transport Management

Kuehne + Nagel’s inbound transport management services include the arrangement of shipping, air or land-based transport to move customers’ goods from remote destinations to local warehouses or operating facilities. Kuehne + Nagel’s inbound transport services include most forwarding and “in-country” freight movements.

Customer Service Management

Customer services management includes all on-site help desk services, customer care centre operations, and field service support activities.

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