Working closely with you and your suppliers, we automate the forecast management process. Using Web-based software we enable the flow of supply to more accurately mirror store – and even shelf-level – demand.  We provide forecast visibility, comparing actual demand against inventory held in storage, and in-transit.

  • We can store and stage product for replenishment at our distribution centres (DCs), often freeing up your own DC space or limited store rooms.
  • We move your inventory in and out of our distribution centers and manage demand planning, using Web-based applications.
  • We provide forecast visibility, comparing actual demand against DC-on-hand, store-on-hand and in-transit inventory.
  • When DC inventory falls below pre-determined levels, auto alerts are sent to you and your supplier to prompt replenishment
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASNs) provide detail on in-transit inventory from suppliers so you have visibility to inventory deeper into the supply chain. This allows confident commitment to orders based on this inbound flow.
  • Postpone inventory ownership until shipment to your site. Once your inventory is moved to the Kuehne + Nagel DC, we work with your suppliers to transition inventory ownership until demand occurs.
  • Perform value-added services, allowing you to more efficiently manage the flow of goods into manufacturing or directly to market.

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