Shipment Visibility by KN Login Shipment

We provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting systems, allowing you to track, trace and manage more efficiently - right down to the level of number and purchase order.

This visibility enables you to make commitments to manufacturing or customer fulfilment centres, increasing your customer responsiveness.

When combined with our IT-based supplier collaboration platform, you will be able to monitor every shipment movement worldwide.

KN Login is secure and easy to use, for more information visit our KN Login page.

Inventory Visibility by KN Login Inventory

The KN Login Inventory Visibility tool gives you multi-level visibility of inventory and orders within a warehouse or network of warehouses. Accessible through any leading web browser, KN Login Inventory Visibility is easy to use and always up-to-date. It is fully integrated with our underlying Warehouse Management System to provide both real-time, event driven and end of day, bulk updates. With KN Login Inventory Visibility you can search, view and assess your inventory position or, subject to rights, that of a wider trading group of clients or suppliers if working as part of a VMI agreement.

Access to inventory information is provided through a combination of targeted searches, progressive drill-downs and cross-navigations to related views. These broaden or focus the scope of the search whether in respect to Inventory, Orders, Work-in-Progress (WIP), specific Serial Numbers or Article related Transaction History. From the displayed results the user has the option to further interrogate the database or to cross-navigate to linked information such as that relating to WIP In/Outbound orders, any +/- adjustments made or the aging profile of the held inventory.

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