We can help you respond faster to changes in price and demand, even during peak seasons and on the busiest trade lanes.  In addition to full reefer loads, we provide a seamless buyers' consolidation service.

The result: competitive transit times to and from the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

We also offer:

  • Special equipment availability including; Thermo King Magnum units, AFAM+, controlled atmosphere containers and dehumidification units
  • Phyto-sanitarian clearance
  • Veterinarian inspection / clearance
  • Quality management
  • Samples management
  • Port & authority handling
  • Cold storage solutions
  • Cross-docking solutions
  • Vacuum cooling
  • In-house cargo insurance via Nacora Group
  • Customized IT solutions and shipment tracking & tracing via KN Login

For more information, please contact us.