Kuehne + Nagel believes that those risks arising from its activities associated with dangerous goods merit special consideration and risk management. Therefore, the management of dangerous goods forms an integral part of QSHE.

Our aim is to protect the health, safety and welfare of persons working with us and of those affected by our activities for example, our neighbours, contractors and suppliers, colleagues and members of the public. The safe business principle, which underlines the idea that safety and business contribute to each other rather than conflict, underlines our way of managing dangerous goods.

Through the establishment and maintenance of processes, work instructions, training and monitoring systems we ensure that our colleagues have the necessary knowledge and abilities to perform their duties in a confident, positive and professional manner respecting the applicable legislation, ensuring the safe and compliant carriage of dangerous goods.

The Company’s dangerous goods guideline intends to eliminate or mitigate risks from all types of dangerous goods, from storage and from all modes of transportation. For more information about our QSHE processes, please contact us