Carbon Intelligence is a carbon management program designed to calculate customers’ carbon footprint for their whole supply chain including warehousing and distribution and its aimed at identifying carbon reduction potentials in supply chains.

Kuehne + Nagel Environment developed in 2009 the Carbon Intelligence tool set – a standardised methodology for accounting and reporting CO2 emissions which enables customers to understand and implement measures to manage their CO2 emissions in their supply chains.

Carbon Intelligence consists of two components:

Global Facility Carbon Calculator (GFCC) is a site level report that has provided a tool to prioritise actions to reduce usage from; energy consumption, fuel consumption, waste to landfill and water consumption. The GFCC has been implemented in more than 400 facilities in 6 different regions around the globe.

Global Transport Carbon Calculator (GTCC) has been technically designed to be one of the most powerful tools in the industry for the measurement and reporting of CO2 emissions triggered by our sea, air and road transport activities.

With the GTCC customers requesting their carbon footprint for air, sea and road operations will be provided with business objects reports pulled from the Kuehne + Nagel systems.