Carbon Intelligence

Carbon Intelligence is our carbon management programme designed to calculate our customer’s carbon footprint, identify carbon reduction potentials in their transport and logistics activities and offset their remaining emissions.

Carbon Intelligence

Carbon Intelligence consists of three components

Global Facility Carbon Calculator (GFCC)

Global Facility Carbon Calculator (GFCC) is a site level report that has provided a tool to prioritise actions to reduce usage from: energy consumption, fuel consumption, waste to landfill and water consumption. The GFCC is now working in more than 800 facilities around the globe.

Global Transport Carbon Calculator (GTCC)

Global Transport Carbon Calculator (GTCC) is today one of the most powerful tools in the industry for the measurement and reporting of CO2 emissions triggered by our sea, air, road and rail transport activities.

Global Seafreight Carbon Calculator (GSCC) is a tool that allows shippers to select an optimal mix of transport modes throughout the supply chain to minimise CO2 emissions. The GSCC provides:

  • Real time CO2 emissions
  • Calculation model for strategic carbon footprint simulation
  • High level overview of CO2 emissions (transport modes)
  • Pre – on carriage taken into consideration
  • Carbon mapping of supply chain
Carbon Calculator

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