The new complex comprises five warehouses and two office facilities totaling 120,000m2.

The implementation followed our environmental standards on carbon and energy efficiency, and features remarkable investments in state-of-the-art technology. The facility includes a photovoltaic array on an area of 4,000 m2, a central wood-burning heating system fed with recycled woodchips, warm water generation by solar energy, an innovative ventilation system to avoid the use of air conditioning, an efficient low energy illumination system, and rain water harvesting and utilization.

The exterior was built to be visibly appealing and to blend into the countryside landscape surrounding the facility. The building was also designed to allow in as much daylight as possible reducing the amount of energy required to provide light. In addition, motion and light sensors were installed to avoid energy waste. The shipping and receiving areas were designed to minimize heat loss. Low flush volume WC’s, organic paint, and recyclable office supplies will be provided in the new facility.

Compared to similar facilities currently in use, it is expected that the new green logistics centre provides annual energy savings of over 1 million kWh, and CO2 reduction of 1,000 tons.