Flexible ISF 10+2 solutions

The Importer Security Filing (ISF) regulation requires submission of an electronic ISF to U.S. Customs (10 data elements by importers, plus 2 by carriers) 24 hours before shipment loading.

Enforcement of the regulation, which began January 26, 2010, may result in stiff penalties for non-compliance ($5,000 per incident, plus cargo delays).

Kuehne + Nagel offers integrated ISF services to ensure you meet the new requirements and that your shipments arrive on time, without delay. When it comes to ISF 10+2, count on Kuehne + Nagel to:


  • Save time. You know Kuehne + Nagel; we know your business.
  • Stay compliant. Built-in validations & Kuehne + Nagel customs experts help ensure you’re accurate & on time.
  • Limit risk. Our services reduce the chance of late-filing penalties and are accessible around-the-clock.

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