Inbound to USA Cargo Screening for Passenger Aircrafts

As you are aware, the TSA- Transportation Safety Administration has mandated the physical screening of all cargo transported on passenger aircraft departing from the United States. We have provided you with information and details on Kuehne + Nagel's ability to meet these requirements through prior correspondence.

In addition to the requirement for outbound cargo screening, we recently have been advised through our carrier partners of a new requirement for the screening of all cargo inbound to the USA transported on passenger aircraft.

As this program has been exclusively managed between the TSA and Air Carriers to date, Kuehne + Nagel have reached out to our core carrier partners to solicit feedback and to ascertain any impact to inbound US cargo movements. To date, we have only been advised of certain carrier changes in cut-off times for cargo booked on passenger flights. This is obviously subject to change, and as updates are made available to us, we will provide you with a concise and aggregated summary.

Should you have any questions on the above, feel free to contact your respective Kuehne + Nagel Sales executive.