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KN FreshChain – Delivering on your promise of freshness 

Is there anything more inviting than a fresh quality product? Fresh fish, meat, flowers and fruit have a universal appeal to customers all over the world. Whatever the season, today's consumers expect their favourite products to be constantly available. As a result, demand for fresh and healthy products is growing fast.

In order to provide your customers with a diverse range of fresh products with an optimum shelf life, you need your logistics partner to understand the challenges you are facing. KN FreshChain offers you efficient and compliant ways to deliver your products.

Whether adapting to different climate levels, or negotiating infrastructure barriers, KN FreshChain will always bridge the distance from the source of your product, to the end customer.

Your products are handled by experienced perishable specialists every step of the way. Our dedicated team have a deep understanding of perishable commodities, ranging from product-specific cold storage requirements, to the smallest details of local and international legislation.  

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Your benefits

KN FreshChain benefits

We care for your products and deliver on your promises

Your products are important - and so is the relationship with your customers. We care for both. That's exactly why we developed a dedicated solution - to enable you to present your customers with the fresh quality products they expect. By ensuring fast transit times, KN FreshChain offers you peace of mind and makes planning and execution easier. Our global network of reliable experts enables you to deliver on your promise to your customers, day after day.

KN FreshChain benefits


The integrity and safety of your product is vital

Kuehne + Nagel continues to invest in innovative equipment and technology. We care for your product with personal dedication and use practical tools such as our advanced track-and-trace system to ensure freshness and quality are always maintained. By continuously monitoring every shipment, we can offer you door-to-door visibility, giving you access to all essential data regarding your product at any time. You can rely on us to manage and adapt to any schedule changes or other unexpected situations.

KN FreshChain at your service

At your service

Anticipating your unique requests

At KN FreshChain, our global network and standardised procedures guarantee minimal transit time and maximum product protection. Our dedicated and trusted advisors stay well informed about all industry regulations. We take care of your valuable products by working together closely with our local experts along the way. Our teams will ensure that your solution is tailor-made to fit your needs.  We are happy to accommodate any special requirements you need to make concerning the transport of your product.

At your service


A logistics partner that understands your business

KN FreshChain's full-service solutions are well-known within the perishables market. Importers and exporters, wholesalers and growers, intermediate service providers and retailers from all around the world already benefit from our services and expertise. Multinational corporations as well as small, independent businesses trust us with their fish, fruit, meat, flowers and other perishable products. At KN FreshChain, we adapt our services to the characteristics of your product and take care of the specific needs of your business.

Adding quality, integrity and safety

KN FreshChain's logistics solution offers you the opportunity to grant your customers access to a wide range of fresh and authentic tastes from around the world, with a consistent level of quality, integrity and safety.


KN FreshChain Dennis Verkooy


A trusted industry partner

"Preserving the freshness and quality of your products throughout the logistics chain - this is what motivates and drives our KN FreshChain team every day. Our specialists understand the specific needs and challenges of the perishables industry and provide flexible and customized solutions for each shipment."

Dennis Verkooy - Global Head Perishables Air Logistics Kuehne + Nagel

KN FreshChain's all year round promise of freshness

Throughout the year, under all circumstances, KN FreshChain supports you in delivering fresh products to your customers.

  • Extensive network of certified locations
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Visibility and monitoring via myKN (KN Login)
  • Centres of excellence for food and flowers
  • Special packaging solutions
  • Pre-cooling and re-icing
  • Deep knowledge of the full range of perishable commodities
  • Fast transit times
  • Multimodal transportation options

KN FreshChain

Today's consumers expect fresh products to always be available, right at their fingertips. Choosing KN FreshChain as your logistics partner will help you to live up to those expectations.

Feel the force of freshness.