Historically the automotive industry has always been focused on just-in-time and sequenced inbound logistics with mature processes and numerous sub-contractors integration. The demand for Integrated Logistics solutions in the automotive industry has increased substantially. All customer specific models are individually designed, but usually implemented and operated according to Integrated Logistics solutions global IT and process standards, located in shared environments. This enables leveraging on cost and best practices across the large panel of automotive sub-segments:

  • Supply chain activities
  • Inbound logistics
  • Production logistics
  • Spare part logistics

Our solutions enable the outsourcing of logistics management and execution functions within a collaborative environment, leading to:

  • Improved service levels and traceability
  • Reduced transport, warehousing, management and supplier related cost
  • Reduced inventory levels
  • Best practice sharing and continuous improvement
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change
  • Reduced environmental externalities

Our services will flexibly support our customers to efficiently source, make, deliver and service their products on a global scale.

The industry specific solution is enabled by our KN Control Tower product.

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