Architects of your Logistics Solution

We analyse, design and engineer your logistics options to test feasibility; to identify potential cost-savings; and support you with the shipping and handling of your documents, drawings or samples.

Planning and Groundwork Services

Planning and groundwork
  • Analyse floor plans, room matrix, procurement lists
  • Forecast freight volumes and resources
  • Study customs regulations, forecast duties and taxes
  • Liaise with general contractor and authorities
  • Analyse labour and equipment requirements
  • Perform site surveys and test road to site

Solution Design and Engineering

  • Identify warehouse locations
  • Create equipment plan
  • Design supply chain process for global project cargo
  • Develop operational process for destination
  • Develop staffing and distribution plans
  • Set-up logistics project phases and project plan

Administration Services

Administrative services
  • Create operating procedures
  • Create instructions for vendors and manufacturers
  • Check compliance of commercial documentation
  • Update procurement status
  • Report on project status and progress
  • Create and update logistics budget

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