Real time information when you need it most

KN Gallery is an app, specially designed for FF&E installation projects. 

Using an iPad or web browser, this user-friendly app enables all project stakeholders to monitor and report real time statuses. Installation crew benefit from the convenience of handheld scanners to feed data into the system while FF&E management have instant access to KN Gallery’s document library, exception management and room handover functionality. Asset management can be added for enhanced project control. 

Powering up project communication

In short, KN Gallery is the link between the warehouse and the installation crew, enabling project members to run the entire process, or those operations linked to their role: calling of products, managing installation and exceptions.

A virtual image of your hotel on a tablet

Think of KN Gallery as a form of virtual reality view of your properties. We set up the property structure and room matrix in the application, including specifications of different rooms and other hotel areas e.g. restaurants, ballrooms and podiums. This picture is then matched against available inventory and purchase order data so that specific items can be precisely matched to individual spaces.

How it works

To build a complete picture of the property and to fully understand your products and your business, we start by talking to you. We will ask for details of:

  • Team members for on-site communication
  • Team structure for escalation
  • Floor plans and room matrix
  • Item lists and quantities
  • Installation requirements
  • Checkpoints for scanning during installation process
Kuehne + Nagel then moves into action:

  • The products arrive in bulk at our warehouses.
  • We check, label, scan and store, with all data logged in the warehouse management system.
  • Call-off processes are agreed with your project lead.
  • We pick, deliver to site and scan again at agreed checkpoints.
  • Irregularities? We photograph, block items and open a ticket for rapid resolution.
  • You have total visibility over the progress online, 24/7.

Your key benefits

  • No time wasted, waiting for crew to return from site.
  • No duplication of work, transferring notes to systems, spreadsheets or emails.
  • Lower risk of human error with electronic data transfer.
  • Reduced paperwork means less chance of losing/damaging vital information/images.
  • Lower costs, more convenience from less paper records storage. 

KN Gallery key features

KN Gallery key features

KN Gallery is now available on the App Store, and is compatible with iPad. 

Please click on the image to the right to start the download.

For a demonstration, please contact one of our centres of excellence.