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Turning a building site into a new hotel or leisure complex is one of the most demanding jobs in the business, and that's why hospitality chains are increasingly using this innovative solution. KN RoomReady is aimed at a key OS & E pressure point - the need to have everything in place to equip a hotel room, ready for its first guests.

Your hotel room in a box

KN RoomReady manages the entire process for you. After careful consultation, Kuehne + Nagel will not only take delivery of the numerous articles and hold them in secure KN warehouses, but will package them into individual boxes on a room-by-room basis.

We deliver each box to any location requested: the hotel door, into storage, or to individual rooms, ready for hotel staff to unpack and place the items. We can even do this placement for you with our optional, specialist 'white glove' service.

How it works

With KN RoomReady, we move beyond simple bulk-delivery of products. We describe our pioneering new product as ‘your hotel room in a box’ because we collate and package every item on a room-by-room basis using one ingenious, configurable carton that scales up in size to match the needs of the individual room.

We start by talking to you to get a full understanding of your requirements. This includes details of:

  • Individual items and quantities
  • Suppliers
  • Combinations of products for each room
  • Required delivery dates and precise drop-off location
Kuehne + Nagel then moves into action:

  • The products arrive in bulk at our warehouses.
  • After checking, scanning and storing, all data is logged for you to monitor through KN Login
  • Storage for up to 3 months as standard.
  • We pick & pack the items room by room, combining them in custom-configured disposable trays within a single box. Our specially designed cartons and trays will scale as needed.
  • Includes fragile/valuable goods e.g. glass and electronics.
  • We can deliver your KN RoomReady carton to individual rooms, unpack and place items.
  • If required, we collect discarded packaging for recycling

Your key benefits

  • Less pressure on opening teams.
  • Easy access to data for inventory monitoring.
  • Limitless customisation to ensure your boxes fit the room’s precise, unique needs.
  • Specialist logistics provider means less loss and damage.
  • Picking & packing in a dedicated warehouse, away from busy hotel environment.
  • Convenience of flexible delivery, direct to room if required, with optional white glove service.
  • Environmentally friendly: we can collect and recycle waste.
  • Cost savings from reduced work for on-site staff.

KN RoomReady full list of services

For a seamless, end-to-end solution, KN RoomReady offers a menu of services to meet your specific needs:
KN RoomReady services

To discuss which options will help make your hotel opening most efficient, please contact us.