The challenge -- to simplify costly hotel ordering processes

Historically, managing hotel supplies has been a local affair, with hotels placing orders directly with suppliers, then monitoring the delivery schedule themselves. With a multitude of (mainly) low value products, this process is costly, and consumes a disproportionate amount of management time.

The solution -- your hotel and guest supply portal

Our online shop solution provides a comprehensive, integrated logistics, technology and design solution that benefits all parties involved in hotel replenishment. You now have the convenience of instant access to products available in the replenishment centre, 24/7.

How it works

To build an understanding of your product needs, inventory levels and distribution patterns, we begin by talking to you.
We will ask for your full business requirements, typically including:

  • Product details
  • Available storage space
  • IT processes
  • Supply chain requirements (inbound and outbound)
  • Ordering and delivery patterns
Kuehne + Nagel then moves into action:

We will

  • Analyse your master data files and agree your stock rotation and data requirements. This includes order patterns e.g. fast/slow movers as well as parcel shipment needs.
  • Configure the optimal warehouse design and your handling requirements.
  • Suggest IT processes, including EDI options.
  • Deploy the shop software through our preferred partners.
  • Provide existing interfaces with our warehouse management system, while you are free to design the front-end.

Your key benefits

  • Time and cost savings through efficient inventory management and automated reorder based on stock levels.
  • Enhanced cost management through consolidated transport & online cost calculation.
  • Lower stock levels at hotels through reliable, rapid hotel replenishment cycles.
  • Peace of mind -- visibility over stock status always available, meaning optimal stock fill rates and clear business rules for handling exceptions.
  • Transparent pricing and purchasing processes.

Online Shop Solutions key features

  • Highly flexible, configurable, scalable and personalised technology solution.
  • Quick & easy product ordering process.
  • Time-saving templates for frequently ordered goods
  • Easy cost calculation for orders. 
  • Enhanced data analysis and historical usage of items.
  • Instant real time tracking of orders – all the way to your hotel door.
Online Shop Solutions Commercial Interface Product Interface Logistics interface Warehouse Management

Please contact our excellence centres for a demonstration.