Product availability, one key to guest satisfaction

We know the importance of keeping luxury toiletries, room accessories and spa products available for your guests. 

Kuehne + Nagel’s global reach and extensive experience with inventory management means we’re able to stay on top of the inbound services to the manufacturing site, as well as managing the complex storage, handling and distribution operations needed to smoothly maintain your stock levels.

Vendor Management

We work closely with hotel suppliers to ensure they clearly understand and can fulfil  the requirements of your business. This includes physical flow of goods, administrative processes and  communication standards.

Order Management (OMS)

OMS supports product availability through production planning to optimise inventory levels, increase stock turns and reduce lead times. OMS also helps to increase sales by reducing the risk of stock-outs and markdowns through improved delivery scheduling and support for diverse distribution options.


Reduce freight costs and inefficiency by consolidating goods from multiple suppliers into one convenient shipment.

Customs Brokerage

Kuehne + Nagel offers a wide range of services to move your shipments through customs quickly and efficiently.  Skilled customs professionals at 800+ offices can access documents while goods are in transit, allowing pre-clearance (in some markets) or rapid completion of customs documentation prior to arrival.


Global network of warehouses to serve as your distribution hub for hotel chains in markets worldwide. If required, we offer temperature-controlled facilities, including chilled and ambient.

Value Added Services

Variety of value-added services, including re-packing, labelling, kitting, and room kit building, for swift sales and deployment of goods to hotel rooms.


We use network optimisation tools to design and validate your optimal replenishment arrangements including warehouse and transportation network. Our non-asset based approach gives us the flexibility to chose the right carrier for your business, ensuring the best match with your cost and service requirements.

You benefit from our specialised equipment, knowledge and experience. For instance, sequential truck loading for resorts, and for city centre locations, tail-lift deliveries and precision time coordination to meet tight off-loading schedules.

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We are able to connect the Kuehne + Nagel systems with almost any system from any of your business partners.

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