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A new football excitement again and this time in Serbia. On Saturday, the 24th of May 2014 in Belgrade the 3rd KN Eastern Europe Football Tournament was organised! This tournament brought together 16 teams from Eastern Europe region and over 400 fans.

The matches were played on 4 fields according to the official draw out done during the Finance meeting in Belgrade on 22nd April 2014. The committee consisting of BEG NM Sasa Radosavljevic, Erica Glaser TPE ZF, Elpida Vougazianou, BEG BX-SC, Vuk Odalovic, BX-AO and Rade Nikolic BEG BF draw out following groups: 

Group 1: Russia, Romania, EE Regional office, Greece

Group 2: Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Slovak Republic

Group 3: Serbia, Austria, Baltic, Poland

Group 4: Ukraine, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Czech Republic

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