Drawing on our vast experience, Kuehne + Nagel delivers a comprehensive product that will help you take control of your inbound supply chain.

Kuehne + Nagel identified the need for an improved strategic approach to managing and controlling inbound workflows and subsequently developed its new KN I2M product. This all-encompassing solution covers the management of your entire inbound supply chain. It provides the planning, control and execution of your shipments to improve the supply of goods to factories – helping you to continuously optimise costs and improve responsiveness.


KN I2M transforms your inbound supply chain to achieve a controlled, cost-effective production flow and measurable economies of scale to drive sustainable value for the future.

  • Dynamic coordination, planning and execution of your inbound supply chain processes
  • Lower cost per unit through the controlled flow of materials into your manufacturing processes
  • Improved responsiveness that enables you to anticipate, control and react to supply chain volatility
  • Reliable and accurate material cost allocation that can be assigned to individual units or parts
  • End-to-end capabilities that optimise inventory levels while reducing operating costs and inventory obsolescence
  • Control centres that provide a single point of contact to ensure process transparency, product quality and operational excellence

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Driving Value

To enable you to become more productive and competitive, KN I2M optimises the inbound supply chain by providing in-depth visibility and transparency across your supply chain, ensuring efficient control of orders and shipments, as well as offering flexible, integrated solutions to allow seamless operations across organisational boundaries.


  • Integrated order forecasts, orders and lines
  • Near real-time visibility of orders, parts, shipments and inventory
  • Transparency in freight costs and budget deviations
  • Support for both push and pull supply chain execution


  • Order fulfilment with measurements of deviations
  • Report and performance monitoring with reviews of network utilisation and service-level compliance
  • Freight settlement procedures with central freight invoicing
  • Supplier and order management with order confirmation procedures


  • Dynamic planning of supply chain transportation and logistics
  • Lower costs per unit, increased flexibility and faster reaction times
  • Reliable cost allocation with accurate budgeting processes
  • Faster order fulfilment times and higher productivity


KN I2M leverages our extensive experience and capabilities in control, technology and operational execution. We enable you to establish higher levels of standardisation, achieve leaner supply chain management and improve your key material and information flows.

  •  Scalable, flexible and transparent logistics processes that improve efficiency and create economies of scale
  • Collaborative and sustainable practices that optimise costs and mitigate risk
  • Dynamic planning and execution of your inbound supply
  • Lower cost per unit through controlled flow of materials
  • Improved transparency and responsiveness, enabling you to anticipate, control and react to supply chain volatility
  • Reliable and accurate material cost allocation on individual units or parts

Visibility, monitoring and reporting with KN Login

KN Login, our industry-leading logistics information management system gives you full visibility of your inventory, whether in transit or in storage, enabling you to monitor exactly where your goods or orders are at any particular time. This web-based system lets you manage your supply chain more effectively by providing exactly the information you need – in the way you want to see it.

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