From January 2020, all KN LCL shipments are automatically carbon neutral. KN LCL Net Zero Carbon is an investment by Kuehne + Nagel in the carbon neutrality of our customer’s LCL supply chains.

We achieve this neutrality by reducing carbon output in our own networks, and offsetting the remaining carbon by investing in global, nature-based projects that help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We are proud to offer this sustainable solution in collaboration with our suppliers and customers, towards our goal of delivering progress to society. Learn more about our Net Zero Carbon and our offsetting programme.

KN LCL offers you more than just part load logistics:

  • 100 % carbon neutral LCL shipments
  • Supported by independent auditing
  • Promoting positive change for Society
  • Invoices include full details of carbon offset
  • Annual report on request
  • Proudly tell your customers that your LCL supply chain is carbon neutral