Kuehne + Nagel's customers can easily declare VGM for loaded containers in KN VGM Portal.

Here is the information that you will need:

  • the container & seal number
  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass)
  • the certified method

By clicking  "Confirm & Submit" you transmit your entries to Kuehne + Nagel's systems hence completing the VGM requirements instantly.


How to use the tool - Getting started

1) Link and Token on your Booking Confirmation

To access your shipment and submit the VGM details to KN, please use the link or QR code on your booking confirmation. You find it at the dedicated VGM section.

The last part of this link after the slash is the individual shipment identification token.

Link and token

2) Access your shipment

You find the KN VGM Portal on vgm.kuehne-nagel.com.

On the main page you can log in or enter the portal via token to directly access this specific shipment.

Landing page

If you already followed the link on your booking confirmation, it will guide you directly to the Log In page (see below).

Log in page

The Log In page provides you two sections to choose your access.

You can either access the portal via “continue without authentication” and you will only be able to access the most recent VGM information of your shipment.

Log in page

Or you can “log in” to experience full control over your VGM information and see all the VGM details and records of your shipments.

Log in

3) Your Shipment page

The “Shipment” section shows defaulted information of your booked shipment.

Shipment section

Below in the “Booked Containers” section, all containers with missing VGM data are shown by default. You want to display also containers with complete VGM information? Therefore please check “Show all containers” in order to see the list of all the containers you have booked for your shipment - with missing and complete VGM details.

Booked Containers section

You have to note details for all containers? Also in the “Booked Containers” section, you can check the box “All containers verified by the same company/ authorized person” in order to copy down the Company and the Authorized Person to all of them.

Booked containers section

Your booked containers and respective VGM details on container level are presented in the section below.

Booked containers and details

Then, enter the Container and Seal number of each booked container type. Note: If you have multiple seal numbers, you can insert them here. Just make sure you have a space in between, e.g. seal 1 seal 2 seal 3.

Container No.

Now, enter the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) = weight of your packed container(s) including cargo weight, loading material/pallets/skids, dunnage, securing material, and tare weight of the container.

VGM weight

And select the method you have used to weigh the container (see below for more information on the methods).


Method 1: Upon the conclusion of packing and sealing a container, the shipper may weigh, or has arranged that a third party weigh, the packed container.

Method 2: The shipper or, by arrangement of the shipper, a third party may weigh all packages and cargo items, including the mass of pallets, dunnage and other packing and securing material to be packed in the container, and add the tare mass of the container to the sum of the single masses of the container’s contents.

Now enter the Company’s name and the name of the authorized person the data is verified by.

Container details

Finally, simply click “Confirm & Submit”. Note: You can hit the “Confirm & Submit” button any time if you want to save your data.

Confirm & submit

Now you successfully updated the shipment data.


Maybe you missed to enter some data? Our KN VGM Portal will let you know for which container data is still missing.

Missing data

Note: Special characters, like @ and ! are not permitted. Please use alternative characters.

This page supports also mobile devices to make sure, data can be submitted right after container is loaded.

In case of any problem you can contact your local Kuehne + Nagel office. Contact details are shown on our booking confirmation document. You can find also find contact details here. 

4) Log In Area – My Shipments

Click “Log In” and sign in with your KN Single Sign-On.


Here you find the overview on your booked shipments including details like e.g. VGM closing date, verification status and missing data.

The shipments are filtered and sorted by VGM closing date. So you find the shipment with the nearest VGM closing date at the top of the list. If you set the filter „VGM closing from“ you will be able to also access shipments  that already departed.

VGM closing form

The blue box “Departed” indicates, whenever a shipment has departed, after this point there is no possibility to update the data.


In the first section, you can filter and search for a shipment by a particular number like container number, KN reference number, Shipper reference number or by VGM closing date.

Search section

Additionally you either can filter for shipment details edited by public entries (user continues without logging in) or for missing data.

Public entries and missing data

The “Claim shipments” button allows you to assign additional shipments to your account and overview. Click it and then you just have to enter the token or shipment link.

Claim shipment

Below you see your current shipments and corresponding containers.

The “Verification status” offers you transparency on the status of VGM information. The number behind the icon indicates the numbers of containers for the respective Status.

Verification status

Clicking on the “VGM details” button directs you to the shipment details on container level.

VGM details

Now there is a great new feature for our logged in users. Accessing your VGM details as a logged in user, you can see the history of data entries per container. Therefore click “Show history” and see all details on date, user and updated information.

Show history

In case the VGM data for a container was submitted by a public user (without logging in), the logged in user can see it right here and authenticate this entry by pressing the confirm button. Note: This action will be noted in the history as well.

Confirm button

The button switches to “Registered entry”. Then click the “Confirm & Submit” button in order to save the entered data.

Registered entry

And finally, at the top of the “Shipment” section you see the “Tracking” button. To access the tracking information of your shipment, click here. 

Shipment section

5) Quick Overview | Access Options

Access without Authentication

Access with Log In

Shipment Details



VGM Entry



Confirm & Submit



History on Submitted Data


Overview on Shipments


History of Shipments


Claim Shipment